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11 de outubro de 2023

Brasmacol is one of the main suppliers to the furniture industry in Brazil. With a manufacturing
facility covering over 14,000 square meters and our own tool manufactur e center to meet the
industry’s needs, we can deliver components with a distinctive design for the composition of your
furniture. This way, your factory can add more value to its products and diversity to its projects.
Brasmacol operates throughout Brazil and in various countries, always staying attuned to market
trends and updated with global trends to deliver quality, agility, and technology to our customers.
For all types of furniture and spaces, we offer various possibilities for the composition of doors,
whether they are 5 Piece or with Glass/Mirror. There are numerous ready to use designs and
internal tooling that allows for total customization of the piece s quickly.
Brasmacol’s Shaker Style Doors bring not only greater agility but also a unique style to your
projects. Their assembly at 90ยบ elevates the minimalist design and exudes refinement by
resembling machined components. They bring with them the style most used i n Europe and the
United States. If you are looking for design and productivity in your furniture industry, talk to
Brasmacol. Brasmacol’s Shaker Style Doors combine technology and design, adding value from the
manufacturing of your furniture to the final p roduct.
Doors with glass for furniture are another great charm. They are produced and assembled
internally and already sent with perforations, ready for application in kitchens, cabinets,
wardrobes, among other furniture pieces. This style of door allows us to qui ckly vary a large
number of style combinations for one or more types of furniture. These are glass doors, with 1, 2,
and even 3 rails, distinctive wrap pings , a variety of films, among other
Brasmacol also offers doors with screens and straw for furniture, another major trend in Brazilian
design. Keeping an eye on this trend, we have sought a new way of manufacturing these furniture
components and have developed an innovative process with Braz ilian technology.
This is how Brasmacol innovates every day, bringing agility and quality to our increasingly
demanding customers in the furniture industry!

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