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11 de outubro de 2023

Brasmacol combines the tradition of its quality in developing modern products that follow market
trends. This union ensures our customers greater versatility in manufacturing their furniture, as
well as more dynamism and possibilities for innovative projec ts.
We have a modern manufacturing facility with updated machinery that allows for the complete
development of m o lding , doors, and drawers for furniture. Want to bring more style and
sturdiness to your products? Discover Brasmacol’s complete line of mo ldings and profiles, all 100%
MDF: wrap ped , with perforation, and also top finish, ready for
moldings can be used for finishing, appliques, structuring and thickening, corners, and
curves. We also offer various color patterns for wr apping , which can be fully or partially covered, or
even combining more than one pattern in the same piece.
The upper
moldings , also known as crown molding or cornice, are excellent options to add volume
and design to your furniture.
Discover our products and what we can do for your project. We have a wide variety of
moldings for
thickening (top, side, and molding s) that enhance your furniture and complement its design,
aligning with current trends in the furniture market.
Every detail in our projects is carefully considered to best serve the furniture market. We cater to
both traditional and bold needs. What matters most is that every detail is meticulously studied and
executed to ensure excellence in the delivery of your p roducts.

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