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More than 30 years in the market

Founded on January 28, 1992, BRASMACOL operates in the segment of MDF components for furniture, meeting the needs of the furniture industries in Brazil and abroad.

Excellent structure

Always attentive to growth and market innovations, today Brasmacol has the largest structure in Brazil in its category and receives orders from all over the country.

Tradition in the segment

We operate in the segment of MDF components for furniture, based on three principles: quality, high technology and professionalism.

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Investment in Design

A company with its own design department for the development of all projects.

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High standard machinery

Equipped with high-tech equipment and own molding manufacturing.

Team Icone

Qualified team

Through market studies and planning, our team is able to develop customized projects with differentiated finishes and great cost-benefit.

Certified company

In the search for constant improvement, Brasmacol invested in improving its processes and meeting the requirements of its customers through ISO 9001 certification, achieved in 2003. Since then, working to meet regulatory requirements, Brasmacol has improved its processes to ensure stakeholder satisfaction.

Used as a management tool and aiming at the continuous improvement of its processes, the Brasmacol Quality System (SQB) provides significant advances throughout the organization and, consequently, the improvement in customer relations, through the fulfillment of its requirements.

ISO 9001 Certification

FSC® Certification

FSC Certification

Valuing respect for nature, Brasmacol received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) in 2018. The FSC® is one of the most recognized non-governmental entities on the planet when it comes to preserving the environment.

In addition to our customers, we have a true commitment to the entire ecosystem. That is why we use wood from well-managed forests, in which environmental and labor laws have been applied locally, and thus translate our socio-environmental responsibility.

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"To be among the best suppliers in the furniture industry, to remain at the forefront and to be a Brazilian brand operating in the global market."

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"Facilitate the customer's industrialization process through the production of furniture components, seeking the satisfaction of stakeholders, with social, economic and environmental awareness."

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Customers, Employees, Commitment, Continuous improvement, Result.

Discover the history of Brasmacol through our timeline

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On January 28, 1992, Giovani Alberto Colognese and Elmar Ivan Kerschner founded Brasmacol, initially a company with its production focused on the supply of pre-cut products to furniture industries throughout Brazil.

Brasmacol in 1992


Brasmacol was open to new ideas, and two years after its foundation, in 1994, it began to direct its production to the manufacture of drawers and bed frames, using Pinus raw material, already careful to select suppliers with extraction from reforestation.

Brasmacol in 1994


In 2004, Brasmacol had already been certified by ISO 9001:2000.

The Pinus Drawer line was deactivated at the same time that the new MDF Moldings line was implemented, and with it the entire layout of the factory was changed and expanded. At the same time that Brasmacol was growing, it also began to stand out in the market and to become nationally known. In the following years, we participated in the first sector fair (2006), in Arapongas, and from then on we visited and exhibited regularly in fairs in Brazil and in countries such as Germany, Argentina and the United States.

Brasmacol in 2004


Since then, many modifications have been made to the plant and the structure of the entire factory: in June 2010, the facilities that were next to Brasmacol were acquired, starting the renovations and expansion projects of the industrial park. These facilities are the warehouse where the glass is processed today, and this is another production line added to Brasmacol products.

Brasmacol in 2010


In 2013, the construction of the warehouse for the production of drawers began and in 2015 (already with the reallocated drawer lines) the restructuring of the warehouse for the door and jamb lines, where the PCP and the Development, Tooling, Maintenance and Warehouse sectors are also located. In addition to the layout reformulation, much has evolved in relation to the automation and state-of-the-art machinery acquired and installed in this process, including for glass processing.

Brasmacol in 2013


In 2017, Brasmacol completed 25 years of history, as the largest structure in Brazil in its category, meeting requests from industries throughout the country, mainly due to the seriousness with which it works and the excellent product it offers.

With three decades of operation, Brasmacol has become a conscious company, always attentive to the needs of a market that demands more and more, without disrespecting nature and everything it offers, while providing dignified employment and developing, in addition to raw material, products of extreme quality.

Brasmacol in 2017


In 2020 and in the years to come, Brasmacol continued to invest in structure refinement and new advances in product lines: the warehouses reached their ideal formats, with more efficient offices for the administrative sectors, which will allow more future advances, implementation of a quality laboratory, production of shaker doors in addition to the inauguration of the long-awaited showroom in 2021, in order to present the products to customers properly.

Brasmacol in 2020


In 2022, Brasmacol completed 31 years of history, combining tradition and quality in the development of modern products that follow market trends.

3 decades working so that every detail is thoroughly studied and executed, providing quality products for our customers and always sharing the achievements with partners, suppliers and everyone who is part of this success story.

Brasmacol in 2022

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